To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper, that is the Question…

This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper! Nor is it old fashioned, quite the contrary it is transformative and illuminating… You just
can’t beat the great patterns and color palettes that only wallpaper offers.

I’ve heard it all, “oh, I don’t like it.”, “I battled taking it down, so I don’t want it again”, “it reminds me of my nana”, or worse “my
children peeled it off the wall” To that I reply, You have never been shown the right paper for your home or design to change your
mind… Let’s break down these walls (no pun intended) and build something better!

The world of wallpaper has changed so much so that, as designers, it almost impossible not to showcase it as a staple in the overall
design presented to each client because it is so wonderfully texturful (add that to the dictionary), colorful and adventurous. And let’s
face it, this is why you call on a designer isn’t it? To wow you with the inspiring thoughts of something truly unique to you and
incredibly amazing in the overall look and feel, right? Something you could not have dreamt of but has such a special feeling you can’t
live without it. Ok so, I’m passionate… In my opinion there is no better personalization in a design scheme then wallpaper! For me
wallpaper, adds another dimension within a room pushing the boundaries of design and style allowing me to ultimately create my own
art form. You can’t achieve the same look any other way as it instantly transports you to another place. When paired correctly with
the right fabric, textures, and furniture- wallpaper brilliantly creates a charm and character like no other.

Whether it is one statement wall, used in conjunction with a bead board, chair rail or customized border or even on the ceiling the
imagination can just go wild with endless possibilities for installation. Kips Bay Show house is always a great way to envision wallpaper
in a new light! The designers are encouraged to let their creative mind run free and dream… Ideas that give forth to new trends as
seen here.

To sum it up, Always incorporate Wallpaper!