Setting up a bar

Glasses and glasses then another glass! I have a variety of vintage style glasses at my bar. While I love a complete set, I feel like as long as your ok with mixing and matching while limiting the colors- give it a try… Having the right glass for the special cocktail is important. Don’t go overboard start with glasses you like making sure you get 4-8 depending on your style of hosting. I have a unique signature cocktail for each event, it gives a level of sophistication. When servicing your guest present with a napkin. Display your favorite spirit in a beautiful decanter, small name plates are an extra nice touch and elevate any bar and a few larger bowls for garnishes. Hunting for these little treasures in antique shops around your area is always interesting. Tools of the trade are not only fun they help when measuring, stirring and opening bottles. And top it all off with lots of ice. Cheers!