Setting the table for success

I have been obsessed with fine China lately, there I said it! Why wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Passover? There is nothing better than enjoying a home cooked meal on the perfect Limoges. It’s durable yet delightful to the eye and takes your simple dinner to extraordinary! Your spouse will be in awe as well…. Expecting company, setting the table for a successful dinner party doesn’t have to be a challenge. The morning of spend some time setting your table, with or without a tablecloth is up to you, without maybe think of using a complementary charger to elevate your look. Bold pattern can pair nicely with another simpler style so don’t be afraid to mix and match a dinner plate with a salad plate for a pop of the unexpected! Set the ensemble off with a simple napkin but go for a fun and lively napkin ring. Silverware is a must, give them what they need! A salad and entrée fork, tasting spoon and a butter knife, if your serving steak the right knife goes a long way. You only have one chance to make a lasting impression! Don’t have crystal don’t worry, use Riedel stemmed wine glasses- have a red and wine then a water goblet. Total Wine has a great selection if you need something last minute. Add fresh flowers to the table and your set for success!

PS. A little planning goes a long way, make a pre-mixed cocktail with lots of ice serve in a colorful or unique glass. Your guests will be amazed at your event planning skills and so will you!