Setting a Mood

Have you ever wondered what made last weekend’s dinner at a friend’s so special, or how they set that mood that made for a great night? Now you want to incorporate into your next dinner party and have your guests walk away saying WOW! 

It’s that mood at that swanky restaurant that you’re trying to capture.  Why did it feel so special, that one-of-a-kind feeling that you shared with friends can be yours too.

At Jennifer Mirch Designs, it’s not just about setting the perfect table, while that is important too. Setting a chic and elegant “Mood” begins with building the rooms character then selecting the right design elements: 

1.     Start with a great base, a sensational wallpaper (for another chapter) but I had to say it….

2.     Lighting, lighting and more lighting! This discussion is all about how lighting plays into the mood of your room, on dimmers of course. We create that feeling through these elements: 

A.    Cove lighting around the perimeter of the room add a subtle glow. 

B.    Backlight a beautiful screen you want to showcase or a one-of-a-kind piece of stone on your bar or backsplash. Even up lighting an oversized plant in the corner can do a lot.

C.     Art lighting above fantastic pieces of artwork showcases something special.

D.    Wall sconces to wash the wall with light and add interest that can balance the space 

E.     And last but not least: A Statement oversized Chandelier.

F.     Accessories go the distance, splurge on those unique crystal or Silver candlesticks with a beautiful taper for low lighting on your table. This not only makes your complexation look great but sets a mood for an intimate and sophisticated gathering your guests will truly love.

Its time to bring it all together! Light the rooms you want to entertain in, turn on the lights prior to your guests or family being received. Dim everything to perfection-so you can see but its not a harsh and glaring. While I love and fully support in-ceiling high hats turn them off for the night, unless you don’t have enough light then place them on a dimmer. Light the candles or go for Battery operated candles in hurricanes (trust me everyone thinks they are real!). Great music in the background-not to loud though you still should be able to speak normally. We integrate music into every room and is a warm welcome! Place your cheese/ charcuterie board and voila you’re ready to shine!

After that delicious dinner, take your guests to the patio and enjoy dessert and coffee alfresco. It’s amazing how many rechargeable battery-operated lights are now available! Poldina Pro offers multiple sizes & colors, and you can personalize with accessory shades-which are totally fun.  

Entertaining doesn’t have to be overwhelming… I little goes a long way; I’ll be honest its trial and error but at least you’re getting the tips from someone who has already trialed (what I feel is) everything. And remember nothing sets to mood like great lighting so light those pendants, table & floor lamps, and candles for the evening you’ll be so glad you did. Your guest will be asking how you entertain with such ease!