Organize your holidays

It’s that time of year when we start the packing up of holiday décor… Sad as it may be to see the holidays go it gives us a chance for something fresh and new. If you’re like me, you have something for every holiday! That special memento that speaks to your inner child, that little creation you picked up at a craft show or your grandmothers fine china and special table linens. Whatever that might be, store it properly so that you can enjoy it for years to come. I like to insure all the Christmas, Easter and Halloween decor is in one location labeled (maybe even color coat the bins) that way when I plan time to trim the tree, create a night of fright or save Humpty Dumpty from a spill I can get to everything with ease. Special table linens are no different, after washing and ironing them- hang in your closet so they are all in one place. Insure all your napkins are stored with the table clothes so you can easily pluck them out for use. This not only allows you to see what you have but know what is ready or what needs to be sent to the cleaners.

Here are a few tips I like to follow:

1.     Storage bins for those special pieces that only come out once or twice a year and pack appropriately, so nothing shifts and breaks. But think about the overall sizes because bigger just means heavier!

2.     Ornament bins that shift to make bigger or smaller spaces are a must.

3.     Give those items a good dusting before packing up & remember to remove those batteries so those illuminated pieces stay working next year.

4.     Tissue paper or bubble wrap works great but you can also use old wrapping paper from all those gifts!

5.     Think about how and where items go out and store them together that way it’s easier for next year.

6.     Yeah, know those little silica gel packs from shoes, decor and electronics can also be handy items to save and use for those holiday items needing to stay dry all year.

7.     Indoor and outdoor lights can be stored in bags with garland, wreathes can go nicely into lawn bags and hold up quite well.

8.     Store in a closet or attic remembering heat will play a role on the longevity of everything, and don’t put candles in the attic if you live in Florida (LOL, you know why).

There is no better time to organize and weed out anything unwanted that could go to goodwill or maybe refinish for next year! Keeping your storage bins in good shape helps keep your items safe too. Say hello to 2024 and a new organized lifestyle!