Charcuterie Boards

The theme is entertaining, and why not! When your home looks as good as it does it’s nice to gather friends and family. Most people fret over a get together, but they can be quite easy to manage and plan for. If you invite 4-6 couples simply ask them to bring their favorite cheese. You’ll not only get a great selection of something for everyone but enough to refill throughout the evening.

I like to have a variety of nibbles: cured meat and cheese galore, nuts, olives, cornichons, fresh and dried fruit and dare I say chocolate. Balsamic and sweet and spicy jams go a long way, but you don’t need much. Present with several small knives and spreaders. Always select fruits that will pop next to the cheeses and meats that add a bit of texture with fresh basil…Luckily there is no wrong way to set up a board. Cracker selections in a complementary basket finishes the look. Finally, an oversized wood or slate board to display your masterpiece. Bon Appetit!